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Diverses artwork with no link. Just stuff I do, test,, advanced scribble or others randomities

Valeriane duvivier 20171208 faunesse

Faunesse in a side view

Valeriane duvivier 20171111 dragon

Reading time for baby dragon

Valeriane duvivier 20170403 avatar


Valeriane duvivier 20170516 miteenpull

Je suis une mite en pull-over.
(sorry english speaker, they didn't translate the joke in english (the 5th element))

Valeriane duvivier 20170606 crex

Mascotte en 4 couleurs pour le concours Créads - Japan Expo

Valeriane duvivier 20170913 test gouache

Playing with Kyle Webster's gouache brushes (heavily inspired by one of Mr Webster's picture)